Introducing Ross D. Anti and his tips for a healthier life

Ross has been the Fitness Manager at one of the highest profile gyms in the portfolio of Equinox, and has facilitated for thousands of personal training clients to experience the monumental benefits of legitimate health and wellness coaching through proper progression. These 5 tips can apply to ANY fitness program for ANY goal. With these tips in place, your ability to achieve your goals will become very easy. Start your day with 25-40 oz of water. As soon as you wake up, take it down and refrain from breakfast for 45 minutes. Carbohydrates are essential: Refrain from simple carbs (i.e. bleached white flour and added sugar), but your diet should consist of ample whole grains and complex carbohydrates (i.e. sweet potatoes and squash). Eat more of your carbohydrates earlier in your day and during your balanced post workout meal. Snacks should never be carbohydrate only. Add some protein or fat to your snacks and enjoy a complete meal during your snacks Make sure your workout intensity increases weekly, or at the very least bi-weekly. Your body will adjust very quickly to your current intensity = burning less calories or building less muscle. Try to refrain from eating after 8pm. Make your last meal lean protein and lots of veggies for optimal results.   Website: Facebook: Fitness Trips in Rebel Terrain Instagram and Twitter: @rossdanti

Introducing Ben Isabella and the “Fitness Tour”

Ben Isabella has worked with specialized athletes, weekend warriors, and fitness enthusiasts alike to strengthen, improve, and maintain each athlete's physical and mental standards and abilities. Ben has also created the Fitness Tours and will share his experience with us in this blog post. How did the idea for Fitness Tour came up? I started Fitness Tours in April of 2012 and have looked back since. The idea for the Fitness Tours was born from a random remark. Andy, one of the Box’s original members, made an offhanded comment that we should just rent an RV and go to different CrossFit gyms and workout. Before I knew it, there were five CrossFit enthusiasts a photographer, traveling throughout New Jersey, D.C. and Delaware, working out three times a day and visiting five Boxes during our weeklong trip. How did the idea evolved along the years? Tour number two was based on raising money for childhood obesity. Looking to do 25,000 burpees in five days, we asked people to donate per burpee. We did burpees all over cities and subways and stores. Since then, the Fitness Tours have evolved and grown exponentially. We focus solely on visiting CrossFit Boxes, typically visiting 15 Boxes in five days. From Miami to California, eight to 10 CrossFit trainers got into an RV to spend a week visiting Boxes in different regions of the U.S., working out and raising money for various organizations. We have raised over $17,000 total. The latest tour was August 25 — 29 in Miami, Florida, and the proceeds went to raising money for athletes with life-threatening or altering illnesses. We love visiting other Boxes, competing against their members, and bonding afterwards. How did the Crossfit community receive you and HICKIES? Every CrossFit Box welcomes us in with open arms. We are able to workout aside their members as if we have been working out for years. These tours have enabled us to give back to various organizations such as the Play Foundation, St. Jude's Children Research Hospital, and Fit to Fight. HICKIES have been a huge supporter of our tours since Day 1. We have passed along the value of HICKIES lacing system to upwards of 1,000 people. We plan on doing another in the Summer of 2015."     Ben Isabella

Lacing Nike Roshes

The Nike Roshe is one of Nike’s best selling sneakers, and we’ve researched the most appropriate lacing technique to truly optimize the fit. Here’s how to do it, for each of the most popular Roshe models. NIKE ROSHE RUN: Despite its name, running wasn’t the inspiration for this model, but rather, meditation. The sneakers’ minimal and simplistic design reflects this fact. The regular technique is most likely your best bet unless you’re looking for a much tighter or looser fit. NIKE ROSHE RUN WOVEN: Hardly your typical sneaker, The Nike Roshe Run Woven is made up of interlaced bands and a sock liner for breathability. Both lightweight and comfortable, this shoe is versatile and targeted to support everyday activities. Depending on your personal preference, try the loop techniques, opting for either a loose loop or a tight loop. NIKE ROSHE RUN HYPERFUSE: This shoe has the same look as the original model but features an advanced, seamless upper that offers comfort and performance for daily wear. Try using a crisscross lacing technique for these sneakers. To begin, make sure that the cross skips an eyelet. Instead of crossing with the consecutive eyelets, cross with the next one and weave the other straps. NIKE ROSHE RUN NM BREEZE: This model provides premium cushioning and support in the upper and midsole without feeling bulky. Plus, clean lines and the breathable mesh material that covers the top half of the sneaker— contributes to overall enhanced airflow. We suggest using a mix of the loop and regular techniques.