We are proud to announce that HICKIES has its very own kiosk at the Garden State Plaza Mall in New Jersey. HICKIES combined with The Sarut Group to bring the wonderful mall shoppers of New Jersey an opportunity of a lifetime, which is never tying their shoes again! Check out our Instagram video of the Kiosk here!

If you are in the mall, be sure to stop by and get some HICKIES. We have over 16 different color combos available for purchase and benches for you to switch out your old laces right when you purchase your pack of HICKIES.


This is just one of our many steps in taking over the world of shoelaces for us. Before you know it, every shoelace will be HICKIES shoelaces. The best thing about HICKIES, besides never having to tie your shoes, is that it's for everyone. It's a one size fits all product. Parents especailly love to get them for their kids because it teaches their kids some key principles, mainly;


  1. Independence: Your kids are now able to put on their shoes on by themselves accomplishing a major goal in life
  2. Confidence: Now that your kid can put on their shoes by themselves, their confidence builds allowing them to do other things, like pick out their own outfit and dress themselves
  3. Security: Your kid can play worry free of tripping over his laces or having someone else tie their laces at school and enjoy life