Tips for Wearing HICKIES

HICKIES works for men and woman of all ages. From toddlers to grandpas if you wanted to get really specific.



Today’s blog post is going to focus a bit more on men’s fashion and how HICKIES can add to their outfits, but really the tips we share work for everyone.


The most important thing to dressing well and looking good is confidence. You need to love what you are wearing and know that you look good. With the right “walk” everyone will love your outfit.


No matter how crazy or plain your outfit looks, if you walk with confidence, it will always look good. The best part about is HICKIES that we add a little bit more confidence in your step.





We don’t claim to be fashion experts or a fashion blog of any sorts, but from our observations, we have seen what we feel works and doesn’t work in regards to wearing HICKIES on your shoes.


Simple steps to making HICKIES work on your shoes



1) Make sure the color of HICKIES you are using are complimentary to the color of your shoes. For example, if you have blue shoes, yellow HICKIES look great on them.

2) If your wearing dress shoes, darker black HICKIES look best with them.



3) When wearing HICKIES on your casual shoes, make sure you lace them up so that they laces aren’t popping out. Here is a link to videos of different lacing techniques to give your shoe a clean look and comfortable feel.


These steps are literally as simple as one, two, three for wearing HICKIES. Overall, you will be the best judge on how great HICKIES look on your kicks.


If you have any tips, please feel free to share them with us on the comment section below.