HICKIES at Miami Art Basel

Attending Art Basel in Miami,  arguably one of the most fun festivals we've been to, is one we definitely want to boast about.  For those who don't know,  Art Basel is an art show in the reputable scene of Miami, Florida,  and is the winter meeting place for the international art world. It draws many artists, curators, critics, buyers, dealers and collectors from every corner of the world, both old and new. The art community continues to grow by leaps and bounds and here at HICKIES, we would love nothing more than to appreciate the culture, the content, and the effort that goes into it.

Valuing the abilities these artists have is significant as they provide culture to the world and inspiration for everyone. It drives imagination, creativity, and depth. It can also bring us closer together… hence, ART BASEL!!!



The main reason for us being at Art Basel in Miami was that we were co-hosting an event with PICA (Portland Institute of Contemporary Art) along with a few other brands. The event was on Friday night and held at the Standard Hotel in Miami Beach. Not only was this a party, but it was also art exhibition. There was dance performances as well as video premiers. We had so much fun with all of you who attended the event. Your excited faces and entertaining company kept the party alive for us. Thank you for stopping by the HICKIES party at the Standard and showing us your love <3!



To see more pictures from the event, or even to find your own photo from the Phhhoto booth, go to our Facebook photo album and relive the moment through pictures.