Loose Fit

Many people prefer a loose-fitting sneaker for everyday activities or light gym workouts. A looser fit usually means added comfort because your feet have some extra breathing room. This is also particularly useful for individuals with wide feet. In this case, a loose fit might feel like a regular fit. Utilizing fewer eyelets usually yields a looser fit. One way to tell if your laces are too loose is if your heel begins to slip out of the shoe.

For a looser fit in your sneakers, place one HICKIE in the first set of eyelets as you normally would. Next, take another HICKIE and thread it through the second eyelet, skipping the third and threading it out the fourth, all on the side side. Then, take another HICKIE, thread it through the third eyelet, skipping the fourth and thread it out the fifth, working your way from bottom to top of the sneaker. On the opposite side, place one HICKIE in the fifth eyelet, skipping the fourth, and threading it out the third. The same again, threading through the fourth, skipping the third, and out the second. Now, connect the HICKIES as you normally would. For the upper eyelets, take one HICKIE, threading it from top to bottom on one side and on the other side threading from bottom to top. Connect the HICKIES as you normally would."general, the more eyelets your sneakers have, the more control there is to tighten or loosen them as desired. When participating in high-impact sports like outdoor running or intense gym workouts, it’s best to keep your laces snug around your feet. This helps reduce any pain or existing muscle tension while serving as a protective shield against impact and other potential injuries. People with narrow feet might want to tie their laces tighter to eliminate extra space inside the shoe. The criss-cross technique is a great way to achieve a tighter fit.