Nike Roshe

Roches are some of the Nike’s best selling sneakers and due to their increasing popularity, we’ve researched the most appropriate lacing technique for each model to optimize fit.

  1. Despite its name, the Nike Roshe Run model wasn't inspired by running but rather, by the peaceful practice of meditation. This is made clear through the sneakers’ minimal and simplistic design. The regular technique is most likely your best bet unless you’re looking for a much tighter or looser fit. 
  2. Hardly your typical sneaker, The Nike Roshe Run Woven is made up of interlaced bands and a sock liner for breathability. Both lightweight and comfortable, this shoe is versatile and targeted to support everyday activities. Depending on your personal preference, try the loop techniques, opting for either a loose loop or a tight loop.
  3. The Nike Roshe Run Hyperfuse has the same look as the original model but features an advanced, seamless upper that offers comfort and performance for daily wear. Try using a criss-cross lacing technique for these sneakers. To begin, make sure that the cross skips an eyelet. Instead of crossing with the consecutive eyelets, cross with the next one and weave the other HICKIE. 
  4. The Nike Roshe Run NM Breeze provides premium cushioning and support in the upper and midsole without feeling bulky. That, plus clean lines and the breathable mesh material that covers the top half of the sneaker, contributes to overall enhanced airflow. We suggest using a mix of the loop and regular techniques.