Hickies Patents

PRODUCTS PROTECTED BY ONE, OR MORE: US PATENT D686,909, US PATENT 7,506,420, 中国外观设计专利 ZL201230369100.3, 中国实用新型专利ZL201320083349.7, AUSTRALIAN REG. DSN 344027, EP DSN NO. 002075341, MX PATENTADO 39589, JP PATENT 1457461, CA DSN NO. 146,138, KR PATENT 30-0695961, PATENTE CONCEDIDA BR 302012003934-7 AND OTHER INTERNATIONAL PATENTS PENDING

HICKIES has an active, and integrated, world-wide approach to intellectual property acquisition and enforcement. HICKIES, and our agents, constantly monitor domestic and international trade shows as well as multiple internet portfolios and internet and brick-and-mortar retailers and resellers. HICKIES has pursued customs recordation and customs enforcement in Europe, China, and Japan, including seizures, and is customs-registered in other countries as well.

We have stopped and closed several internet retailer sites. HICKIES has recently received three favorable preliminary injunction court rulings in Europe, including money damages, against infringers. In Japan and China, retailers have ceased selling and offering infringing goods. We protect our business partners, and police our brand and products, and we work hard to respect the rights of others.